Belinda Scott


Amazing drug-free product! The Turbo Forte has been a Godsend! I’m an Aussie. The bushfires here have caused such devastation to our beautiful and unique country which is absolutely heartbreaking….but the smoke has wreaked havoc on so many people’s health too, mine included. I was coughing a lot and wheezing and was told by the doctor that the constant smoke inhalation had caused my bronchitis. I took a course of antibiotics but I still had a rattling chest and couldn’t seem to cough up the mucous. Not any more! I searched online and saw Turbo Forte and read some of the reviews so I ordered. I especially liked the fact there was no need for drugs or additives to be used with the device. Simple mechanics that shifted and released the mucous. I coughed after the first use but instead of coughing up a little bit of phlegm, I could not believe how much phlegm and mucous actually came up. After a few days of using the device a couple of times a day, I felt SO much better and was sleeping well again as I was’t waking up during the night in coughing fits. Huge fan of this product now… the best thing is if I ever get a chest infection or bronchitis again it will be the first thing I reach for. Definitely a 5-star rating. Excellent product.

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Turboforte Lung Physio is a handheld, drug-free, lung expansion, breathing exerciser & mucus clearing device that helps clear congestion from airways and lungs making breathing easier. 

TurboForte Single

USD $49.95

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