Susan G. Cardwell


Works better than any inhaler I have ever used! I loved this turboforte from the very first use. I have asthma and I always had phlegm in my lungs and throat and had a very hard time getting rid of it. After the very first use, the phlegm was gone and I could feel that my lungs were getting a full dose of oxygen, unlike My prescription inhaler that really didn’t help much. I am absolutely thrilled with the Tutboforte. No medicine inhaler needed.

Interested in Turboforte?

Turboforte Lung Physio is a handheld drug-free lung expansion & mucus relief device that helps clear congestion from airways and lungs making breathe easier.

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Each and every day, our body produces mucus to ease the movement of foreign objects inside our airways. But what happens when our body produces too much sticky and viscous mucus?

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A flutter valve is a one-way valve used in respiratory medicine to prevent air from travelling back along a chest tube.

A flutter valve device, on the other hand, is a device used by individuals to mobilize mucus and expand airways.

When exhaling into the device, a steel ball resting on a cone begins to vibrate, causing oscillation through the whole airway, which in turn mobilizes sticky mucus.

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