What is a Lung Clearing Device?

A lung or mucus clearing device is a tool designed to dislodge your airway of mucus and other buildups of secretions. 


Used in respiratory therapy procedures, a lung clearing device can be critical in unclogging airways that dangerously hinder the passage of gasses in the respiratory system that can lead to lung infection and damage. 

Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Device

There are a few different types of lung clearing devices, but one of the most popular and effective types is the OPEP device which stands for Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure device (what does that mean?).

In layman’s terms, when you blow into the device, your breath provides positive expiratory pressure, expanding your lungs and strengthening their capacity.

The addition of the steel ball mechanism is key to expelling mucus as it provides oscillations in the breath (also referred to as the flutter effect) as it moves up and down from its resting position.

This allows for the creation of helpful vibrations that dislodge and facilitate the mobilisation of stubborn mucus or phlegm.

Through repeated use, the lungs increase their strength through conditioning allowing for easier breathing through clearer airways.

By not coughing until completing your conditioning session with the device, you optimise the depth and intensity of the expulsion of buildup allowing for long-lasting results.

So who should be using them? Almost everyone can benefit from using a lung clearing device.

Chronic Lung Illnesses

Lung Clearing devices are critical in the treatment of lung illnesses like Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis and Emphysema, and can provide much-needed relief.


If you struggle with Asthma, dust allergies or seasonal hayfever, a lung clearing device can be the perfect all-natural solution to clearing build-up in your lungs and conditioning them to avoid flare-ups in harsh conditions.

Athletes / Fitness Enthusiasts

Looking for drug-free lung strengthening and improve breathing stamina?


Perhaps you’re a regular runner, or training to do a big swim, if you enjoy your fitness, a lung clearing device is a must-have. 


It’s a drug-free approach to lung expansion, allowing you to work on your breath stability and stamina for the best performance.

Smokers and ex-smokers

If you’ve just quit smoking or simply want to improve your lung health, you should definitely try a lung clearing device to clear your air passages and increase lung strength. 


Just 5-10 minutes a day can make a huge difference to infection and lung damage.

High Air Pollution

As air quality continues to worsen, our lungs can take a severe hit.


It’s important to make sure we clear any possible buildup of mucus and bacteria stored in our lungs in such conditions, so a lung clearing device is an affordable and effective measure to make sure your lungs are operating at full capacity.

For whoever you are, this compact and portable device is critical to your lung health. Try one out here and experience the benefits for yourself today.

What is Turboforte Lung Physio?

Turboforte is a medicinal treatment that is all-natural and does not require a prescription. Unlike decongestant medication, which use medicine to constrict blood vessels, thereby reducing inflammation and allowing for easier breathing. 


Turboforte is much simpler, and you can feel it working. 


Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) technology is used by our patented, FDA approved device to relieve congestion. 


It’s as simple as you exhaling through the device, a metal ball bearing in the cap is forced to move up and down by the positive pressure of your breath, sending vibrations through your lips and down into your airways. 


These vibrations paired with the positive pressure can loosen phlegm, clear airways and exercise your lungs.


Simply exhale through the device for a ten minute period, the vibrations will free phlegm and the pressure will encourage it to move upwards through your airways, so be prepared to cough up your now loosened chest congestion, leaving behind nothing but healthy lungs.


It’s recommended to check with your doctor if you have symptoms relating to poor lung health, shortness of breath, pain or a lasting cough before trying any new exercise.

Interested in Turboforte?

Turboforte Lung Physio is a handheld, drug-free, lung expansion, breathing exerciser & mucus clearing device that helps clear congestion from airways and lungs making breathing easier. 

TurboForte Single

USD $49.95

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